ON-GAKU:Our Sound

Screening time and screen information

Nov 1st 19:50-, Theater 1 / Nov 3rd 15:25-, Theater 2


A day in summer. A trio of outsider high school students who haven’t touched an instrument in their lives decide to form a band. And so they start to string their offbeat rapsody of youth.


Kenji Iwaisawa

Born in 1981 in Tokyo. After graduation from high school studied with director Teruo Ishii starting from feature film production then moving on to animation. First animated work “Fukuraicho man in the tunnel maze” was completed in 2008. Continued working on focus on short animation films and a independent animation feature film “ON-GAKU Our Sound” since 2012.



Director:Kenji Iwaisawa
2019 / Japan / 1:08:00(予定)