短編グランプリ Grand Prix 短編グランプリ Grand Prix

Acid Rain

2018 / Poland / 0:26:16

After running away from her depressing village in the Eastern Europe, a teenage girl meets a new friend under a brigde.

  • Director : Tomek Popakul

    Born in 1986, he graduated from the Arts High School in Szczecin, specialising in printmaking. He received a Master of Arts degree in animation from the Łódź Film School, where he also studied scriptwriting for a year. He was one of the three artists selected for the Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2014 residency programme by Japan Image Council (JAPIC). He made 10 short animated films among them multi-awarded „Ziegenort” and the latest „Black” that screened and was acclaimed at various film festivals around the world.

Jury Comment

This film is bold, ambitious, and emblematic of the new generation. It is refreshingly honest and sincere in its depiction of a subculture both aesthetically and narratively.

日本グランプリ Japan Grand Prix 日本グランプリ Japan Grand Prix

Wandering mouse

2019 / Japan / 0:05:42

On October 11, Tsukiji fish market moved to Toyosu. It was my 24 year old birthday. On that date, the estimated 10,000 rats suddenly lost their home as paradise. A mouse sets out on a journey. He doesn't know where to go, but he decided to go anyway.

  • Director : Nohara Tsukiji

    Born in Kanagawa on October 11, 1994. 2017: Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with Department of Animation 2019: Graduated Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts Now, working as Research associate at Department of Animation, Tokyo Zokei University She likes the fusion of two and three dimensions and the mouse.

Jury Comment

It is a film that feels very fresh. It pushes an extremely simple idea to the extreme. It successfully combines precision and accident. It is a tender film, but never too sweet. And through humor, it manages to thoughtfully address a recent episode of Japanese history, in an indirect and subtle way

新人賞 New Talent Award 新人賞 New Talent Award

Now 2

2019 / United States / 0:09:26

The well-springs were deeper and less detectable, deeper and shallower both, look at billboards and matchbooks, trademarks on products, birthmarks on bodies, look at the behavior of your pets.” Don Delillo, Underworld Who’s grooming whom? Scenes of puzzling new truths piercing through the foam veil.

  • Director : Kevin Eskew

    Beautifully drawn and animated, this film is like a cartoon that was hacked. A kind of dream that tears apart the reality of daily life and reveals a threatening force.

短編部門審査員特別賞(Jury's Special Award for Short films) 短編部門審査員特別賞(Jury's Special Award for Short films)


2019 / China / 0:09:21

The splash of water is like a bomb, about to break the tranquility of the pool.

  • Director : Shen Jie

    Born in 1989 in Shanghai, SHEN Jie graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology in 2012. His animated short films were screened at film festivals around the world such as Berlinale, Venezia, Sakhalin, Annecy, Zagreb, Slamdance, Tampere, Encounters etc. He currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Jury Comment

This deceptively simple film is uniquely poetic, leaving the viewer with room to engage, explore, and extract meaning.

Above The Brain

2019 / Japan / 0:03:55

Believe in the unrailed movement and change in the picture caused by hand reflexes that do not pass through the brain. Escalation of a painting that spins at the speed of a groaning hand is a journey. Where does it go? How does it end? Let's beat your heart! Let's get excited! NO Brain! KNOW Brain!

  • Director : Nonoue Akihito

    I've been drawing since I was young, and I still do. I want to draw like breathing, and I want to draw a natural picture that is neither good nor bad. I want to draw pictures that I have never seen without relying on any likeness, not supported by styles and techniques. I want to be free from anxiety, templates, "likes", time, the world, myself, language, and so on, and capture what I want out of self-consciousness. I want to be a creature specialized in those things. Whether it's good or bad, the small events of the day and the big things that shake the day are important factors in my painting, and I think life is painting. I also think painting is a daily life. I don't know what's good, I don't know if it's good or not, but I can't take my eyes off it, I like that!

Jury Comment

It is a magical and strange movie that creates meanings in a way that is difficult to understand, going faster than logic and understanding permit. A mixture of organism and machine, a kaleidoscope that unfolds and takes us to places we did not expect, all while subverting the rules it proposes and then returning to them. This film dares to be abstract but in a way that is meaningful.

Winter in the Rainforest

2019 / Estonia, Mexico, Lithuania / 0:08:36

Scenes of the dance of life and death in the lush tropical nature as it is lived day by day, year by year by the magical creatures that inhabit the wilderness of our dreams.

  • Director : Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg graduated MA degree in animation at Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013. She made her first animation, Fly Mill (Kärbeste veski, 2012), a puppet film, as her graduation film. Fly Mill has screened at about hundred festivals around the world and won more than 20 prizes including 6 Grand Prix. Her first film after graduation, a short animated film, On the Other Side of the Woods (Teisel pool metsa), premiered in June 2014 at Annecy International Animation Festival.

Jury Comment

In animation, we construct absolutely unreal worlds. In this timeless film, absolutely unreal creatures live naturally, as though they have been there since long ago, and they will continue to repeat the cycle of life and death from here on out. This bizarre persuasiveness is a very unique charm.

長編グランプリ Grand Prix 長編グランプリ Grand Prix

I Lost My Body

2019 / フランス / 01:21:00

In a Parisian laboratory, a severed hand escapes its unhappy fate and sets out to reconnect with its body in this Cannes Critics’ Week selection. During a hair-raising escapade across the city, the extremity fends off pigeons and rats alike to reunite with pizza boy Naoufel. Its memories of Naoufel and his love for librarian Gabrielle may provide answers about what caused the hand's separation, and a poetic backdrop for a possible reunion between the three. Based on the novel "Happy Hand" by Academy Award© nominee Guillaume Laurant (AMELIE).

  • Director : Jérémy Clapin

    In the late 1990's, Jérémy Clapin studied animation and illustration at the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (Paris Decorative Arts School). After graduating in 1999, he started working in 2000 as an illustrator and directed his first short film in 2004, Une Histoire Vertébrale (A Vertebral Story), which was very well received in festivals. In 2008, in Skhizein, he told the story of a man hit by a meteorite who finds himself shifted 91 cm from his physical body, thus rendered invisible. Jérémy Clapin then worked in advertising and in 2012 he made Palmipedarium, in which he chose a way to do animation that is much closer to live action.

Jury Comment

This film is about hope for the future. When two timelines that never seem to intersect meet and hope is born at the end of the film, it gives us surprise and excitement. The hope in this film is achieved only possible by fiction like animation and it was expressed at an unprecedented high technical level. I am delighted to award the Grand Prix for this work in Japan in 2019 when despair was widespread.

長編部門審査員特別賞 Jury's Special Award for Feature Film Competition 長編部門審査員特別賞 Jury's Special Award for Feature Film Competition


2019 / Latvia / 1:14:42

A boy and a little bird are traveling across an island on a motorcycle trying to escape a dark spirit and get back home.

  • Director : Gints Zilbalodis

    Gints Zilbalodis(1994) is a Latvian filmmaker and animator. His fascination for filmmaking began at an early age watching classic films and making shorts and commercials. He has made 7 short films in various mediums including hand-drawn animation, 3D animation and live-action and often mixing their characteristic aesthetics.

Jury Comment

With its clean and atmospheric images, rendered on a larger than life scale, this film takes us to a fantastic cinematic journey executed at a perfect pace

学生グランプリ Best Student Film 学生グランプリ Best Student Film


2018 / Czech Republic / 0:05:26

What will be after death? A lot of people thinking about this question. A lot of groups have very different opinion but majority of tham have one thing similar. almost all religions are convinced that they are right. I wrote this movie, with my friend Karel Vetrovsky, in time, whan we was slowly breaking christian prison in our minds, where we was grow up and where we was prisoned for long time.

  • Director : Matouš Valchář

    Former student of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen in the Studio of Animated and Interactive Design by Jiří Barta. At present, the UMPRUM student in Prague. Specializes in stopmotion animation. His latest film AFTER got into Annecy's summer film.

Jury Comment

For its wit and humor where even a paradise is not what you'd expect!

学生部門審査員特別賞(Jury's Special Award for for Student Competition) 学生部門審査員特別賞(Jury's Special Award for for Student Competition)

Survival HK

2019 / Hong Kong, United States / 0:07:06

An english listening test takes place inside a small classroom while a typhoon brews outside. The students struggle to focus between the test recording and what happens beyond the test.

  • Director : Louise Pau

    Louise Pau is born in Hong Kong, currently an independent animator living and working in US. She studied in live-action in Hong Kong and moved into animation at CalArts Experimental Animation. She has produced works with hand drawn animation, cut-out and archival materials. She is interested in weaving archival materials into a narrative piece. Her works have been screened in various places including HK IFVA, New Chitose Airport Animation Festival, John Hopkins Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival.

Jury Comment

This film succeeded in creating a unique narrative structure, by contrasting a helpless classroom learning a recorded fake world with the rough outside world while having a window between them. And it asks what we must do to survive. Individual graphic style created with pencil drawing cutout, eraser powder and shadows made the film even original and impressive.

スペシャルメンション(Special Mention) スペシャルメンション(Special Mention)


2019 / Austria / 0:06:51

While two uniformed guards divulge themselves as spineless beings, animals carry on philosophical dialogues about the most existential issue: How to ideally prepare applesauce?

  • Director : Alexander Gratzer

    Alexander Gratzer (1993, Hallein/Salzburg) has been studying painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2012. In 2017, he spent a semester at the Moholy-Nagy University in Budapest, Animation Department. He made films Geht immer (2017), Animateur (2017), Angelique (2017), Axel (2017), Tischtennis im Wald (2017), Espresso (2016), Museumswärter (2016), Beauty (2016), Im Wohnzimmer (2015), Geht's noch? (2015), Im Gespräch (2015).

Jury Comment

This film succeeded in creating a unique narrative structure, by contrasting a helpless classroom learning a recorded fake world with the rough outside world while having a window between them. And it asks what we must do to survive. Individual graphic style created with pencil drawing cutout, eraser powder and shadows made the film even original and impressive.

新千歳空港賞 New Chitose Airport Award 新千歳空港賞 New Chitose Airport Award

Pieces of April

2019 / Japan, China / 0:03:40

You always go straight ahead, without taking my hands or even looking back. The plastic bag floating in the sky has been watching and following me all the time. I looked at it confounded,lost my eyes,and then you disappeared.

  • Director : Zhou Xiaolin

    Born in China in 1993. Master’s degree from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design in 2017.

キッズ賞 Kids Award キッズ賞 Kids Award

Pachelbel’s Canon

2018 / Japan / 0:05:00

A visualization of the canon form in which three violins trace exactly the same melody at two bar intervals. The sound shape which changes every 4 bars was regarded as 10 kinds of stages.

  • Director : Keita Onishi

    A video artist based in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan. Onishi produces video installation works and music videos using animation methods to express the structure of music and the texture of sound. He is also involved in advertising, such as commercials, concept movies and motion CIs.

ベストミュージックアニメーション Best Music Animation ベストミュージックアニメーション Best Music Animation

Takao Kisugi ”My Luxury Night”

2019 / Japan / 0:02:33

This music video was newly produced for the masterpiece of the time when the music video was not common, Kisugi Takao "My Luxury Night" (1977).

  • Director : Yoriko Mizushiri

    Born in 1984, Yoriko Mizushiri is a filmmaker who creates sensual animations using unique motifs such as body parts and sushi.

観客賞 Audience Award 観客賞 Audience Award

A Japanese Boy Who Draws

2018 / Japan / 0:20:33

Experimental animation and mockumentary film about the life of a man who aims to become a manga artist from childhood to adulthood. It tells his life story from childhood to adulthood with using various manners of manga culture by changing visual styles with the growth of the man.

  • Director : Masanao Kawajiri

    Born in 1987 in Kagoshima. While he was a student at Osaka University of Arts, he was influenced by animation director Keiichi Hara and aimed to be an animation creator. After working at an animation studio, he founded a video production company.

外務大臣賞 Minister for Foreign Affairs Award 外務大臣賞 Minister for Foreign Affairs Award

Mother and Milk

2019 / Finland / 0:10:34

What happens when a baby is born? What if there is no milk? Or just a drop too much?

  • Director : Ami Lindholm

    Ami Lindholm is on a mission to make tired parents laugh! She encourages parents to be imperfect and say that you are good enough as you are. Her comic Vauvakirja -”Baby Book” and short film Mother and Milk show the best and worst moments in parenting – in a hilarious but touching way.

観光庁長官賞 Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award 観光庁長官賞 Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award


2019 / Japan / 0:05:00

During the period of the ’Provinces at war’, many lives were lost. A castle architect discovers the possible role of a tea room as a place for warriors to regain humanity.

  • Director : Ryotaro Miyajima

    Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1989. Grew up in Bali, Indonesia. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Intermedia Art in 2015. Received master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation in 2017. 2016: ”RADIO WAVE” received the Graduation Film DHL Diversity Prize at the 18th Bucheon International Animation Festival, and selected at 29 film festivals in 19 countries and regions around the world. 2017: ”AEON” was nominated in ANIMAFEST ZAGREB, and selected at 17 film festivals in 10 countries around the world.

北海道知事賞 Hokkaido Governor Award 北海道知事賞 Hokkaido Governor Award


2019 / Japan / 0:09:00

A seaside town where I used to live as a child. On the morning I had in the town, something called JIRI often happened. It is the phenomenon peculiar to the eastern part of Hokkaido island. Because of it, my memory of the town is all covered with hazy filters. This film is a record of the reconstruction of fragments of its memory.

  • Director : Yo Ogawa

    His previous film "LAYER" was nominated at New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2018.

ロイズ賞 ROYCE’ Award ロイズ賞 ROYCE’ Award

Water Baby

2019 / South Korea / 0:09:36

"The mother is away for a while and the child falls into the sea. What has happened since then?” A small fishing village near the city center, a child who wakes up alone in the middle of the day walks around in and out of the house looking for his mother. Through the back door of a yard, the child goes to the beach and suddenly disappears. The child who becomes a drop of water by a touch goes to a deep lake in the sea and stays along with other drops of water.

  • Director : Kim Sang-nahm

    1973 Born in Jeju, South Korea 2002 Graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts 2009 Graduated from Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia and Film(GSAIM), MFA She is representative creator of the Studio Barambee


The Last Day of Autumn

2019 / Switzerland / 0:07:22

A group of forest animals secretly collects parts from abandoned bicycles, with the intention of constructing vehicles adapted to their size. They are preparing for a great race. The Last Day of Autumn race.

  • Director : Marjolaine Perreten

    Born in 1990 in Lausanne, Marjolaine studied multimedia design at ERACOM in Lausanne (Switzerland) from 2009 to 2012, and then learnt animation all by herself, through internships. After working at Nadasdy Film(CH), L'Enclume (B), and Vivement Lundi! (F), she has been admitted in 2013 at the school La Poudrière in Valence, France.

サッポロビール賞 Sapporo Breweries Award サッポロビール賞 Sapporo Breweries Award

Our House

2018 / Hungary / 0:09:46

During an average, innocent adventure in the afternoon with his friends, the main character crosses his own borders, breaks his own moral rules, because of self inspiration and the spirit of the team. After he realizes the "crime" he has committed, he tries to get rid of this obsessive feeling of compunction and the evidence as well.

  • Director : Fábián Balogh

    I was born in 1990, in Szeged, Hungary. After graduating in 2008, I spent 5 months in Denmark, attended to a Folk High School in a little village, called Vallekilde. I moved to Budapest in 2010 and started diving in the world of animation. I got accepted to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest in 2013 and finished my BA studies in animation in 2016. Then started the masters right away at the same university and graduated in 2018 as an animation movie director. During 2016 and 2018 I was working on my graduation movie, called Our House. It is a personal film, which is based on a childhood memory of mine, and tells a story about conscience, the feeling of guilt, and tries to get into the mind of an eary teenager. In the past year, my movie participated in several film festivals in Hungary, Slovakia, Israel and Russia. Currently I’m working as a free lancer, and started to develope an idea for a new short film.

DNP 大日本印刷賞(DNP Award) DNP 大日本印刷賞(DNP Award)

A Japanese Boy Who Draws

2018 / Japan / 0:20:33

Experimental animation and mockumentary film about the life of a man who aims to become a manga artist from childhood to adulthood. It tells his life story from childhood to adulthood with using various manners of manga culture by changing visual styles with the growth of the man.

  • Director : Masanao Kawajiri

    Born in 1987 in Kagoshima. While he was a student at Osaka University of Arts, he was influenced by animation director Keiichi Hara and aimed to be an animation creator. After working at an animation studio, he founded a video production company.

北海道銀行賞 Hokkaido Bank Award 北海道銀行賞 Hokkaido Bank Award


2019 / Japan / 0:03:06

Human Steam Train started running with his legs, but he couldn’t stop himself before diving into a pond of oil. What will be his fate? The charging Human Steam Train, blowing steam, bursting sleepers and splashing water are aggressively described with ink and brushes.

  • Director : Isaku Kaneko

    Born in Japan in 1994. Received bachelor’s degree from Waseda University, School of Creative Science and Engineering, Department of Modern Engineering in 2016. 2016 May : Graduated from Waseda University, Department of Modern Engineering. Researched and developed a humanoid robot for graduation thesis From May 2018, Studying animation in the master course of Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design.

北洋銀行賞 North Pacific Bank Award 北洋銀行賞 North Pacific Bank Award

[Gif] "Citizen Hippo" series

2018 / China /

This work is from a Gif series called ”Citizen Hippo”. The topic of this series is about a hippo-man wandering in the city Shanghai and sees interesting and poetic things.

  • Director : Xiao Hong

    Xiao is an traditional animator and children’s book illustrator. The ideas of his personal projects are always from what he sees when walking in the streets of the city. He keeps sketching everyday and searching the thing which may last forever in the high-speed developing hometown —— Shanghai. Gif seems a new and perfect way for him to create a moment instead of a still image to show how lovely the city life is.

北海道コカ・コーラ賞 Hokkaido Coca-Cola Award 北海道コカ・コーラ賞 Hokkaido Coca-Cola Award


2019 / Taiwan, United States / 0:06:15

We constantly face different choices in life, that's for sure. But often, the anxiety of making a choice and facing the consequences gets the better of us. What if we just took a leap of faith and embraced the unknown? What kinds of treasures and surprises might the future hold?

  • Director : Tzu-Hsin (Cindy) Yang

    Tzu-Hsin Yang, also known as Cindy Yang. She graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts Animation Department and Character Animation Department at California Institute of the Arts. Student films Noon and AND THEN were selected by Taipei Film Festival and several other international festivals. She loves to travel and record her life experiences through drawings and films.