International Competition 1

Screening time and screen information

Nov 2nd 10:00-, Theater 1 (Screening and Short Interview with the Film Makers)
Nov 3rd 20:00-, Theater 3

Winter in the Rainforest

2019 / Estonia, Mexico, Lithuania / 0:08:36

Scenes of the dance of life and death in the lush tropical nature as it is lived day by day, year by year by the magical creatures that inhabit the wilderness of our dreams.

  • Director : Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Central Square

2019 / United States / 0:03:11

Abstract animation inspired by my commute through Central Square in Cambridge, MA. This film explores the sensory experience of moving through public spaces, the curiosity and anxiety that comes from being in the middle of a city. I use loops and cycles to experiment with the timeless quality of space that you return to each day, and how they can start to feel stuck in time.

  • Director : Daniel Rowe

Acid Rain

2018 / Poland / 0:26:16

After running away from her depressing village in the Eastern Europe, a teenage girl meets a new friend under a brigde.

  • Director : Tomek Popakul


[Gif] "pero" and many more

2019 / Japan /


  • Director : Sawako Kabuki


[Gif] "Head Hitting" and many more

2019 / United States /

A series of gifs featuring life and evolution.

  • Director : Nata Metlukh



2019 / United Kingdom / 0:04:48

Separate projections combine, unifying, becoming whole. Twelve animated projections combine to develop a rhythmic dialogue exploring the intrinsic relationship between sound and image using 16mm film, paint and a projector. Responding to a hand-drawn soundtrack, each projection is individually created by painting and scratching directly on 16mm film stock. 4:3 is available as a short film, an immersive installation, and in virtual reality.

  • Director : Ross Hogg


My Best Friend "Explodes", "Rewinds", "Ends"

2018 / United Kingdom / 0:04:00

Two reflexive animated characters cling to sanity inside the changing parameters of their world. Three short films made for ‘Adult Swim’.

  • Director : Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson



2019 / Switzerland / 0:09:00

An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?

  • Director : Michael Frei



2017 / United Kingdom / 0:05:12

A virtual affair in an obsolete futuristic game.

  • Director : Ruini Shi



2019 / Japan / 0:13:43

This work is a hand-drawn VR animation which can be experienced through a head-mounted display. This work allows the audience to immerse themselves into an abstract vision that expands around them like never before. By creating a mythology-like story of returning to the mother’s womb, the closed space in this VR was created to imitate being inside the womb of a mother.

  • Director : Kazuki Yuhara



2019 / United Kingdom / 0:14:33

This time the dream was about to make sense... During sleep and cornered by the lack of meaning a reluctant hedgehog creates a puzzle that can't be solved. But even within the dream the hedgehog is neither able to let it go nor to solve it and stubbornly tries to make sense of the absurdity...

  • Director : Elisa Morais, María Álvarez (Sois de Traca)